Dstl could not fulfil its role without industry, and other suppliers, bringing ideas and resources to the programme of work that needs to be delivered each year.

We act as the trusted interface between government and the private sector to support military co-operation and capability delivery - managing and capitalising on knowledge across the wider defence and security industry.

Dstl enables industry to provide solutions, facilitating the rapid pull-through of science and technology into deployable military capability and its support through life.

Dstl starts from the presumption that work should be conducted by external suppliers (industry, universities and other research organisations) unless there is a clear reason for it to be done or led within government. At present around sixty percent of the approximate £400 million Defence Science and Technology Programme, managed through Dstl, goes to industry and academia to deliver, and Dstl intends to increase the proportion sub-contracted.

More information on how to get involved in the Defence Science and Technology Programme 2013/14 is available in the downloads.