Materials & Structures Technology Centre

Materials and Structures STC Delivering MOD’s materials and structures research programme

Materials,Structure and Technology Centre

The Materials and Structures Technology (MAST) Science and Technology Centre (STC) was launched in June 2011, attracting an £8-9 million per annum investment from the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Through its growing community of more than 70 organisations and led by Dstl, MAST STC delivers a cost effective, coherent and integrated materials and structures research programme that addresses the specific needs of defence and security. Through the application of improved structural materials, the programme seeks to enhance the survivability, mobility, deployability, performance and combat effectiveness of equipment and to reduce platform costs/weight and the maintenance/logistics burden.

The MAST STC research programme consists of two core work packages; Low Observable (LO) materials, and Advanced Materials and Structures (AMS).

The LO programme is sustaining the UK sovereign capability in LO material research. It aims to identify and understand breakthroughs in science and technology to meet current and future survivability needs across all military domains with affordable solutions.

The AMS programme is delivering a balanced, coherent and reactive research programme future proofing defence capability from advances in materials and structures technology. AMS covers all structural and functional materials as well as issues relating to through life capability management and support to operations.

The LO and AMS programmes are supported by innovation and studentship programmes.

Benefits to STC members include invitation to the Defence Materials Forum (DMF). This is a bi-annual meeting for STC members to discuss ideas and opportunities for collaboration whilst receiving updates about the MAST STC programme and MOD requirements.

More information on how to get involved in MAST STC is available in the downloads. Alternatively you may contact us through our central email address: